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How to Get Rid of Grasshoppers in Your Garden

For most people the grasshopper is very interesting and sometimes funny creature, which most of the time is a sign for the upcoming warm weather. However, for gardeners the picture is entirely different. The grasshopper is a terrible insect, which can easily destroy your whole garden in a matter of days. These small pests can read more »

How to Clean Lycra Fabric Shoes

Lycra is a synthetic fabric known mainly for its superior elasticity. It is a strong material that is usually used for the production of different fabrics, garments and shoes. Did you know that the Lycra fabric is in the same family as rubber? Yes, this is true. And the good news are that this it read more »

Clean Home and Health Problems

You probably wonder how to find time for your domestic cleaning when you are working monday to friday to provide for your family. In this guide I would list some easy to implement tips that could significantly improve your cleaning routine. As you may already know surfaces in your home are constantly accumulating dust and read more »