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Improvement of The End of Tenancy Cleaning

It really does not matter if we want it or not but at some point the time for us to change our tenancy comes. This is a mixed blessing however, as we need to risk our not perfect but stable position at the moment, knowing our current home well, therefore knowing where the surprises can come from read more »

Make Your Tenants Happy. House Cleaning Tips

As a property owner you probably want your tenants to be happy. In fact, making them happy means a better income for you. The following lines offer you some really good tips for making your tenants happy.

It Is Not So Hard To Clean

We all know how cleaning can ruin our weekends. At workdays we are so busy and hardly ever find time to do some cleaning. Cooking and tidying takes more than enough time. Good thing there are machines to help us. We all have a vacuum cleaner, washing machine, some have dishwashers. Very helpful, especially if read more »

A Child a Pear Tree and a Story of Two Blood Carpet Stains

As a kid, I used to play a lot outside, between our blocks and the houses, we had back then a lot of green spaces, trees, grass meadows. A whole bunch of kids we were from the neighbor  Of course accident happened a lot. I was kind of wild kid, never stopping to any challenge. Used read more »

Prepare Your Home For The Winter

The cold weather has already started and we need to make sure that our home is properly prepared for the harsh conditions of the winter. Having our property damaged during the cold months is something that we definitely want to avoid. When it snows outside it will be very hard to perform any repairs and the read more »

Natural Recipes For Stronger Hair

It is a fact that most women are literary obsessed with their outer appearance, especially with some details of it such as their hair. Everybody want a longer, stronger and healthier hair. However, that can become an impossible mission as a result of the constant dying, electric interference and curling implements. All of these makes read more »

Why Use Natural Cleaning Products?

Enjoying a healthy, clean environment is one of life’s simple pleasures. While cleaning is something that few people enjoy doing, living in a clean home or coming home to a clean indoor environment at the end of a long day provides a relaxed and comfortable space to be in. It helps to relieve some of read more »

Welcoming Guests – Front Door Impression

The front door is the most important door in a household. It is the front door that provides a feeling of security. That is why it is very important to choose the right front door for your home. In this article we will present to you different types of doors.

How Should I Properly Dispose of Chemicals, Cleaners, or Medicine?

NEVER throw chemicals, cleaners, medicine, or any other product down your drain or into your toilet. Store them safely until you have enough for a trip to the toxic waste dump.

Trends In Infill Housing

Infill housing is gaining momentum and growing in popularity amongst builders and home buyers. As neighbourhoods are growing larger more residents are flocking to good areas in demand of a decent place to live. This in turn is pushing developers and builders to make more use of infill building, which simply means that they are read more »